Faith Zone Training (FZT) is a resource for students, faculty, and staff who desire to understand religious and spiritual beliefs other than their own.

Understanding religious beliefs other than one’s own is a key element of tolerance, since faith traditions often define a significant part of a person’s identity. In the United States, the spectrum of religious diversity is a part of our culture as a whole, and religions can sometimes be at the center of political debate.

Our office started Faith Zone Training as a way to educate students, faculty, and staff about different religious customs and traditions. Based upon a similar model used to educate groups about the LGBTQ community (called Safe Zone), Faith Zone Trainings integrate theory and practice, in order to engage participants in activities and offer practical tools for learning about different belief systems. We engage in an honest dialogue about religion and spirituality and, at times, we invite guest speakers from the community to join in a discussion.

FZT lasts between 1.5-2 hours and is appropriate for groups of approximately 10-75 people.

Please use this Google form to request a Faith Zone training for your office or organization.