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Religious and Spiritual Life - Religious Organizations
The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life encourages the development of new student clubs and organizations that will nurture the religious and spiritual needs of the College community. The College chaplain is eager to meet with students who have innovative ideas for groups with religious and/or spiritual learning objectives.

Better together

Better Together: Cur Non? is an initiative at Lafayette to bring Interfaith cooperation to our campus through Interfaith Youth Core‘s values of “Voice, Engage, and Act”. The goal of Better Together is to improve interfaith cooperation and understanding on Lafayette’s campus.
We are working together with the Interfaith Youth Core to help ensure that religious pluralism and respect exists in our society and on campus so no one ever feels ashamed of their beliefs. We strive for this type of society for we know that we are all Better Together. Activities and events are announced regularly through the campus calendar and our Facebook page.


Lafayette DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship is a student group at Lafayette College. Its participants strive to help every person come to know Christ, grow deeper in his or her relationship with God, and be equipped to follow Jesus’ commission to “make disciples of all nations.” This occurs through worship, large group meetings, Bible studies, discipleship, outreach, and community-building events.  This group is advised by an off-campus adviser, who is employed by the DiscipleMakers organization.

fellowship of christian athletes

Lafayette College Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a student-led organization that strives to encourage students to grow in their faith and sport through fellowship, prayer and bible study. The goal of this group is to provide an opportunity for student athletes to build a strong community. Even though the sports that the athletes play are very different from person to person, the one thing all members of FCA have in common is a strong passion and love for God. Participants in FCA do not have to be a member of a sports team; all are invited to join and will be absolutely welcome.

FCA meets for an hour every Sunday in Pardee 102 at 7:00pm. Besides these weekly meetings, we also attend each other’s sporting events and cheer on our fellow athletes.

freethinkers association

Lafayette Freethinkers Association is a secular group on campus that focuses on fostering a community of students who identify as secular individuals. While the group is a secular organization, individuals of all faiths and belief systems are welcome. Events are held nearly every week, which all members of the Lafayette community are welcome and encouraged to attend. The group also sponsors talks related to these topics from Lafayette professors and other members of the Lafayette community.
Lafayette Freethinkers Association is a proud member of the national Secular Students Alliance.


The Lafayette College Hillel Society is an organization that sponsors a continuous program of religious, cultural, and social events throughout the course of the academic year. Events are held every week of the year, and all are open to the Lafayette community as well as Easton and the entire Lehigh Valley. Programs include local and national speakers, musical groups, monthly bagel brunches, holiday celebrations and weekly Shabbat dinners.

The Hillel House, which serves as a meeting place for its students, is always open. Students are welcome to drop by to hang out, do homework, read from our library, or relax.  Hillel is advsed by a number of Lafayette college faculty members.


The Interfaith Council is an alliance of students and advisers from the religious life organizations and major religious and spiritual traditions represented at Lafayette. The Council meets twice monthly to discuss programming ideas and issues affecting people of faith on campus.  Interfaith Council is advised by the College Chaplain.


The Lafayette Association of Religious Advisors (LARA) is an association of those persons who advise the religious life organizations at Lafayette. All advisers are either employees of Lafayette College, serving as faculty or administrators, or are off-campus representatives of religious bodies who have undergone a credentialing process that grants them advising rights on campus. The association is convened by the Director of Religious and Spiritual Life.


The Muslim Student Organization (MSA) strives to provide a friendly and cooperative environment where Lafayette Muslim students from different countries of the world will be able to interact with other student bodies on campus and other Muslims in the community. The group also aims to educate the Lafayette community regarding issues pertaining to Islam. Over the course of the year, MSA organizes informative lunchtime talks, trips to the downtown Easton mosque for prayers and during the holy month of Ramadan, as well as an annual event to celebrate Eid/Diwali in conjunction with the International Students Association. MSA is advised by a Lafayette faculty member.

Newman Association

Established by the Oblates in 1978, the Newman Association is a student-run organization that serves the Lafayette community and city of Easton, Pennsylvania. Although primarily a Catholic organization, Newman welcomes individuals of all religions. Newman offers a wide range of activities from which students can pick and choose their involvement.

The Newman Association creates a very caring environment in which students can explore their own personal interests while still being united by their faith. Newman meets on a weekly basis. This group is advised by an off-campus adviser, who is employed by the Diocese of Allentown.


The Teachings of the historical Buddha transcend the original time and place of their dispensation. Putting the Teachings into practice in our busy lives as students, educators, and professionals and seeing these universal truths for ourselves through the diligent and regular practice of meditation yields extraordinary benefits.

Lafayette faculty, staff, students, and alumni, as well as the public, are invited to participate in the Lafayette sitting meditation group. The group meets weekly in the Interfaith Chapel. Mindfulness of breathing (ānāpānasati) meditation is the primary method taught but other techniques such as loving-kindness (mettā bhāvanā) and walking and moving meditation are introduced. Short Teachings are also presented and chanting and ritual may take place in observance of Buddhist holidays.

The group welcomes practicing Buddhists, those from other faiths who are interested in learning meditation to benefit their lives, and those who are curious to explore what the Buddha taught. This group is advised by a Lafayette staff member.


TALL stands for ‘Talking about Loss & Life’. TALL is a student-led grief support group with space for those who have been impacted by the death of someone close or any other significant loss. Check the campus calendar for meeting dates and time. For more information, contact Chaplain Hendrickson. She is also available to meet with students, faculty and staff for grief support.

Young Life

Young Life College at Lafayette exists as a gathering place for students, regardless of their religious beliefs, to connect with each other, explore questions, seek answers, and be energized in a community that exists to pursue Jesus in real and authentic ways.

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